Airport Services

Airport Ground Handling

Our current services are but not limited to:
Aircraft ramp services
Passenger & traffic services
Field operation service
Meet and personal assistance
Book VIP lounge service for easy arrival and departure
Constant monitoring of flights
Rebooking assistance
Pre boarding assistance
Group check-in and travel arrangements
Handling customers with special needs and medical cases

Diplomatic Flights

Diplomatic travellers will be personally greeted and attended by staff familiar with the protocol and standards, and in accord with the requested specifics of client requirement. Bypassing the main terminals and other passengers, you can relax in total privacy in the VIP lounge, where check-in and security are taken care of.

Additionally, accommodation and lease is provided ranging from mid to upmarket city hotels and luxury resorts of the Maldives during their tenure in the Maldives.

Executive Private Jet

Services for private jets include:
Booking parking area or hangar for maintenance
Ground administration and supervision: representation with local authorities – telecommunications control – handling and administration of loading units
Passengers: ticket and travel document checking – baggage registration and transport
Baggage: preparation, sorting, loading and transport
Runway operations: guidance on arrival and departure – parking assistance – loading and unloading – supplies and necessary equipment
Cleaning and ground services: external and internal cleaning of aircraft – cabin air conditioning – snow and ice removal – defrost
Flight operations and crew management: flight preparation – in-flight assistance and changes of route – crew management
Ground transport: passenger, crew, baggage, freight and mail transport between different airport terminals – excluding transport between aircraft and other points in the same airport
Catering: administration – storage of food, drink and accessories – preparation and delivery of provisions
Fuel and oil: refuelling – fuel recovery and quality/quantity control – oil refilling

Executive Inflight Catering

Our executive in-flight catering offers delicious culinary options – delivering the best catering services specified to your exact requirements. We ensure that in-flight catering meets high standards in terms of service, safety, security, food handling and cost.

Private Yachts & Cruise Liner

Charter a yacht journey across the Maldives!

Our cruising itineraries are designed for a thrill. You might even declare an island for the day and unwind on the white sandy beaches of our paradise island stretch. The reefs are blessed with tropical fishes that make a sanctuary for all snorkelers and divers. Explore these exquisite islands and dine by the stars. Indulge yourself in this Maldivian experience.

Maldives is one of the top destination in the world for tropical sunshine, white sandy beaches, natural reefs that include great dive sites and surf breaks. Including a stopover in Maldives would create an unforgettable experience.

We offer visiting cruise liners and passengers the following services:
Arranging Government permits
Inward and Outward clearance
Arrangements for atoll cruising and excursions

With our expertise and flexibility we are open to additional and customized service requests which can follow during their stay and until the last minute of their departure.

Permits Handling

Airport slots must be obtained prior to landing permits in Velana International Airport (VRMM), Gan International Airport (VRMG) and Hanimaadhoo International Airport (VRMH). Your ground handler can obtain these in under a day. VRMM may be congested during the high season (December – January) and therefore parking may be limited. Only short-term parking such as a drop-and-go may be permitted in VRMM so please be mindful so as to properly coordinate with crew duty times for chartered flights.

Overflights of Maldives require permits with a lead time of 2 to 3 business days for private non-revenue and charter flights. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) may process a short-notice permit, preferably with at least 1 business day, at the CAA’s discretion. The CAA rigorously monitors departure and destination points and as such any changes to the aforementioned (even if it is a domestic charter) requires a revision of the overflight permit. Permit revisions* will also be needed for changes to schedule if within the +/- 72-hour permit window or for route changes.