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A vacation is filled with adventure and fond memories. One can favour a number of activities while on detour. See our exciting activities for all ages to suit all energy levels.

You will never want to say that you’re bored during your holidays! Whether you’re a snorkeller or enjoy diving into the depths, we are able to offer activities that can interest you from a wide selection. From sailing, diving, safari, Yacht rides, picnic, fishing tour, to surfing the waves – all available in a variety of destinations around the world.

Request us to customize your travel itinerary according to your requirements and preferences.


Having combined the expertise and extensive networks of partner hotel suppliers from around the globe, Concierge Travel & Tours is able to propose budget to up market luxury accommodation facilities.

List of Hotels

  1. Araamu Hotel and Spa - K.Dhifushi
  2. Courtyard - K.Huraa
  3. Triton - K.Maafushi
  4. Arora Inn - K.Maafushi

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